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2 Heads Stone Machine 1325
2 Heads Stone Machine 1325


1.Taiwan linear guide rail, Its bearing is fsce to face ,making sure high precision for a long time.

2.German ball screw which is with double nuts eliminating little gaps automatically.

3.The driver,high speed and strong power.

4.Breakpoint , knives broken, this cnc router can also ebgrave and even engrave at any place as you like.

5.Water cooling spindles with double spray cooling nozzles

6.Three axis dust proof, the stone cnc router can process these hard materials effectively.

single head stone cnc router


Model                          SG-1325 stone cnc router
X-Y-Z axis working area          1300*2500*250mm 
X-Y-Z movement                all square orbits, ball screw drive
Max. speed                     25m/min
Max. cutting speed              5m/min
Spindle                        4.5kw water cooling spindle
Drive motor                    stepper motor
Working delicacy              0.005mm
Repositioning accuracy        0.025mm
Command code                  G code
Working voltage                 AC380V/50HZ
Computer interface               USB 2.0
Three axis                        dust proof
Control system                    

DSP (Digital Signal Processor)/March3/


Driver         Leadshine drive



Widely used in Granite,Marble,cement brick, gemstone or crystal ,jade,concrete crub,advertising

industry, solid wooden, archaize fruniture carving, musical insturment making, light box & mould

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